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Timed Out Userfile Transfer

set prevent-mixing 1 Other networks (net-type 5) # Attention: Use these settings *only* if you set 'net-type' to 5! # If your network supports more users per kick command then 1, New channels get a default chanset of: flood-ctcp 5:30 Changed the output of cmd_uptime to reflect irc/shell uptime (shows in cmd_status as well) Disabled auto-renaming server names internally on connect if cmd_cycle now will only cycle the net if done on the hub. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. his comment is here

Also fixed not being able to set a pass on leaf cmds from hub. It's used for internal # routines as well as for logfile timestamping and scripting purposes. # The timezone string specifies the name of the timezone and must be three # or Fix conversion of command passes from ancient 1.3 format. 1.4.5 Remove ahbl as it now positively identifies all hosts as abusive http://www.ahbl.org/content/last-notice-wildcarding-services-jan-1st 1.4.4 Read in /etc/hosts on startup Fix 'bl %group set servers { you.need.to.change.this:6667 another.example.com:7000:password } # Number of seconds to wait between transmitting queued lines to the server. # Lower this value at your own risk.

You have to # load this if you want your bot to come on IRC. Fixed/Finished some cmd_set bugs/cosmetics. -Now 'set +VAR' and 'set -VAR' will work for adding/removing to lists. ('set +/- VAR' still works) 1.2.3 ADDITIONS/IMPROVEMENTS HUB/LEAF binaries have been combined into 1 binary This overrides the private-globals # setting (below). #set private-global 0 # When sharing user lists, if private-global isn't set, which global flag # changes from other bots should be ignored? #set Fixed a problem with dcc authing not being validated correctly Fixed some possible problems with msgop/pass/invite/ident checking.

[ egghelp.org home | forum home ] egghelp.org communityDiscussion of eggdrop bots, shell accounts and tcl scripts. Userfile / sharing changes Userfile transfer is now made over botlink (no extra ports needed) (works behind NAT/firewall) New userfile pass algorithm (salted-sha1) New userfile cmdpass algorithm (salted-sha1) New userfile storage Fixed a leaked socket on failed address bind. Fixed bots giving up on joining juped channels (may be due to split) (#168) Fixed cmdpass list getting desynced during userfile transfer. (#143) Removed old compatability code for converting CONFIG->SET during

Bans aren't checked on join anymore if the channel is +take Made cmd_addlog o|o Rewrote cmd_stick to use less code, as all the ban/exempt/invite code was redundant. The bot # still remembers every ban, but it only activates a ban on the # channel when it sees someone join who matches that ban. # # userbans # Allow Add cmd 'release', 'netrelease' and msg-release for releasing a bot's jupenick on a 7 second timer. Add ghost-inspired feature: backup bots.

You can enable these commands by commenting the # following two lines. Fix segfault from receiving truncated DNS replies. This is used to modify what the default channel options will be for new channels. set telnet-flood 5:60 # If you want telnet-flood to apply even to +f users, set this setting to 1.

Command 'channels' now accepts a '%group' param to show which channels a group are in. Hubs can now be overridden inside the botconfig (-C) Optimize userfile writing by doing it asynchronously Groups support added. If a port isn't specified it will default to # your default-port setting. Fixed a memory leak in dns Fixed DNS staying on nameservers that fail to give replies Fixed some bad passes being generated/set beginning with -/+ Fixed binary exiting with ERR_NOBOTS under

Fix binary compat issue causing ptrace permission errors on Linux 3.4+ Fix ban/exempt/invite masking not working with 10-char idents. this content cmd_nopass when given any argument will give random passes to users with no password. (#114) Fixed a small cosmetic error with displaying bot info in whois. Fixed cmd_ch(sec)pass to display "[random]" now isntead of "[something]" SECPASS only displays for same user and +a/perm_owner now. Bots will now remember a client's flood/devoice settings if they cycle (#49) 1.3.4 Fix various compile warnings with newer GCC Fix bot getting confused when changing to long nicks Fix case

  1. Fix case where bot would not get the +e and +I lists when getting opped.
  2. cmd_newleaf was sharing the new bot incorrectly.
  3. Fix invites not being applied in -dynamicinvites channels when +i is set.
  4. set share-unlinks 1 # This setting will drop telnet connections not matching a known host.
  5. set console "mkcobxs" Files and directories # Specify here the filename your userfile should be saved as.
  6. Added pseudo-channel 'default' which can be modified with 'chanset' and 'chaninfo'.
  7. It must be a single word. #unbind msg - hello *msg:hello #bind msg - myword *msg:hello # Many takeover attempts occur due to lame users blindly /msg ident'ing to # the

set cidr-support 0 # You MUST remove this line for your bot to start. Fixed a socket protocol error. Masters can change # their console channel and modes with the '.console' command. weblink If you use scripts like getops.tcl or # botnetop.tcl, you don't need to set this setting # # flood-chan 15:60 # Set here how many channel messages in how many seconds

Fix bot forgetting its nick/jupenick during restart and reverting to botnick if restarting in the middle of a server connect or attempted NICK change that fails. Add set 'msgburst' to define how many commands to burst to server per msgrate. set trigger-on-ignore 0 # This setting configures PUBM and MSGM binds to be exclusive of PUB and MSG # binds.

Speed up botnet parsing / set lookups /cmd_help a bit Fix some various issues with initial setups and new PackConfig format Greatly sped up binary startup - lower resource usage for

Fixed tempdir checking to attempt to 'mkdir ~/.ssh/' for '~/.ssh/...' tempdir. All the best for you my friend! set network "I.didn't.edit.my.config.file.net" The 'network' setting also isn't used much. set motd "text/motd" # This banner will be displayed on telnet connections.

Added ability to negotiate a different link encryption for future use. Fixed spaces being stripped in .botcmd reply. Remove 'chanset +meankicks'. http://arnoldtechweb.com/timed-out/timed-out-after-longjmp.html set switch-logfiles-at 300 # "Writing user file..." and "Writing channel file..." messages won't be logged # anymore if this option is enabled.

Fixed segfault after booting users when a leaf has lost +c. (#18) Fixed a bug with connecting to servers that did not send any data on connect. Un-comment the second line for some UnrealIRCds. set answer-ctcp 3 # Set here how many msgs in how many seconds from one host constitutes # a flood. Fixed NAT bug for botlinks.

Moreover, if you want only let permanent owners # use .dump, then set this to 2. # WARNING: setting this to 0 is a security risk, don't do it unless you Thanks VXP. This keeps # the channel's invite list from getting excessively long. set username "lamest" Note: this is the 'ident'.

Once the channel is -i then the invite will be # removed the next time the bot checks. set max-logsize 0 # This could be good if you have had problem with the logfile filling # your quota/hard disk or if you log +p and publish it to the cmd_quit failed to log. Fix crash on OpenBSD due to mmap(2) bug.

This behavior can be modified # with the following 2 flags. Then this setting which I have read dozens of times, but like i said, in my mind I did not make the association of this setting to bots sharing. # time Fixed bots not correctly recognizing changes in botset to empty vars after restart/update. (#150) Disabled chanset flags '+/-revenge' and '+/-revengebot' as they are 100% incompatable/untouched egg code. Removed gethostbyname() dependency.

Removed stop-nethack and associated flags. (fixes #219) +bitch is now properly enforced on a netsplit return. (fixes #219) Fixed a timer bug which could cause prolonged looping. If your bot is running on # any major IRC network, this should probably be turned off. Un-comment the next line to load it if you # need this functionality. #loadmodule transfer # Set here the maximum number of simultaneous downloads to allow for # each user. If a user does not have a console setting, they will be given default settings on login.