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Zones - Postinstall After a solaris zone is configured we need todo zlogin -C and configure locale, Time Zone, IP, SM, GW, root password etc. ... Found myself exploring /etc/rc.d/growfs. Ill see what's required to get that going, I think this only involves pushing out a new port release. Solution: growfs Error: # growfs -M /var /dev/md/rdsk/d6 /dev/md/rdsk/d6: Unable to find Media type. Check This Out

Instead of unmounting and mounting again to pick up new options, you can usually get away with a remount (mount -oremount /var). cloud-init runs when the instance boots, but the growpart module fails due to, what appears to be, two separate problems. Some files missed after restore of the backups Copyright © 2017 DigitalOcean™ Inc. The OS is still writing to /var, that makes growfs unable to freeze /var in order to expand space. http://www.unix.com/solaris/116384-growfs-failed.html

Growfs Solaris

Here are the components which add up to the issue: Solaris 10 10/09 s10s_u8wos_08a SPARC 5.10 Generic_142900-02 sun4u sparc Veritas-5.0_MP3_RP2 Encapsulated root disk Update 4 I believe this is going to Extract pattern from xml file Using absolute path of a command Finding HP-UX Mibs that Work with HP Network Node ... I'm not sure if sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16 is really needed now as the /etc/rc.d/growfs script makes no attempt to call it, and it is successful.

  • I have a FreeBSD 10.1 droplet.
  • Any idea?
  • others have thoughts on this?
  • cloud-init executes growfs, via resizefs, after successful execution of gpart recover/resize.
  • After a volume that contains a UFS file system is expanded (meaning that more space is added), you also need to expand the file system in order to recognize the added
  • Unable to Create Folder As a User in Solaris 10 Vdisk Access Failed in LDOM How to find Global IP from zone?
  • If the optional parameter [] is not used, the command would try to grow the file system size to the full volume size.
  • Not true.
  • How to Expand a File System Steps Check Prerequisites for Creating Solaris Volume Manager Components.

Veritas volume manager xhost + on a LDom /usr/ccs, /usr/bin , /usr/sbin, /usr/sfw, and thei... Subscribing... Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses! How To Increase Root Filesystem In Solaris 10 The logs indicate a successful growfs operation, but df doesn't reflect it.

HMC Migration from 6.1.3 to 7.x I have an HMC which is in version 6.1.3 and I need to migrate to a 7.x and I have 3 Managed nodes connected How To Increase Filesystem Size In Solaris I suspect the this is due to the default interactive nature of growfs. [1] http://hostileadmin.com/images/cloud_init_gpart_fail.jpg [2] http://hostileadmin.com/images/cloud_init_growfs_fail.jpg vrwmiller commented Dec 21, 2014 This was mistakenly filed here and should have been So finally, with #!/usr/sbin/dtrace -s #pragma D option quiet fbt:ufs:lufs_disable:entry { self->v_path=stringof(args[0]->v_path); self->fiolog=args[1]; printf ("Vnode path - %s\n", self->v_path); } fbt:ufs:lufs_disable:return /self->v_path=="/"/ { printf ("Return value - %d \nfiolog->error - %d", You must manually expand the file system with the growfs command.

Anyway, here is a code from ufs_log.c:ufs_fioislog() /* * ufs_fioislog * Return true if log is present and active; otherwise false */ /* ARGSUSED */ int ufs_fioislog(vnode_t *vp, uint32_t *islog, cred_t How To Extend Filesystem In Solaris Thank you! lost+found OpenSSH/OpenSSL question (RPM to fileset pckg) How to detect what is making / file system filling... Proceeding with system determined parameters.

How To Increase Filesystem Size In Solaris

If you delete your current droplet and create a new one immediately you should have reassigned the very same IP. https://github.com/clalancette/oz/issues/178 Solaris 10 LDOM clustering IPMP patch in solaris 10 u8 NTP server Stratum 0 Super-User Non-Global Zone issue Solaris 10 - RBAC issue /etc/limits file on AIX 4.x and 5L cron Growfs Solaris Thanks Growfs Cannot Get Partition Size A little rude, but lets see what happens, since the above is most certainly nothing compared with man gpart... # find / -name gpart /rescue/gpart /usr/local/sbin/gpart /sbin/gpart Bingo: we have gpart

Best Regards, Nicholas 5 comments 1 asb MOD May 18, 2015 Hey @lordgordon! http://arnoldtechweb.com/how-to/failed-to-delete-the-file-oci-dll.html The cc_resizefs module should be looking like this: def _resize_ufs(mount_point, devpth): return ('growfs', '-y', devpth) After this it'll resize as planned. (I can't believe I missed that -y though...) Harm Weites I want to ping from B). Error While Running Xclock If it is a 4 way mirrored stripe and you are out o... Growfs Command In Linux

Syslogd going down on signal 15 Syslogd going down on signal 15 how to monitor the above error in HP-UX? UNIX & Linux Forums > Operating Systems > Solaris Member Name Remember Me? Remove advertisements Sponsored Links aixlover View Public Profile Find all posts by aixlover #2 08-09-2009 incredible Registered User Join Date: May 2008 Last Activity: 24 August 2014, this contact form Share your knowledge.

off the top of me head stopping system-log might work (svc:/system/system-log:default). Expand Ufs Filesystem Solaris 10 Log In to Comment Leave a Comment Add comments here to get more clarity or context around a question. Well, further dtracing ufs_lockfs.c:ufs__fiolfs() revealed that the mount device was simply busy since this function on return set return value to 16 which is, according to errno.h, means: #define EBUSY 16

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cloud-init runs when the instance boots, but the growpart module fails due to, what appears to be, two separate problems. Non Global Zone Console Issue in Solaris 10 ZFS - What is the Difference Between Add and Attac... You do not need to run the growfs command, as Solaris Volume Manager automatically recognizes the additional space on reboot. Solaris Resize Partition I too was also attempting growfs /dev/vtbd0p3 with the same result.

During the expansion, the file system is not available for write access because of write-lock. Solaris Volume Manager does not provide this capability. Linux (1) When is the next version of Solaris to be released? (1) When SPOT is created from mksysb (1) Where the logs stored (1) Where the logs stored ? (1) http://arnoldtechweb.com/how-to/vmkfstools-failed-to-extend.html Adding IP printer on x86 solaris I tried to add an IP printer on my x86 Solaris but I could not make it work.

Only use this command when you see a large difference between the volume size and the file system capacity. Previous message (by thread): growfs failure Next message (by thread): growfs failure Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] More information about the FreeBSD 10.2> df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/gpt/rootfs 20307196 5350028 13332596 29% / devfs 1 1 0 100% /dev FreeBSD 10.2> service growfs onestart Growing root You signed out in another tab or window.

Solaris Volume Manager does not provide this capability. The growpart module, for a yet unknown reason, is calling /usr/local/sbin/gpart with arguments that are valid only with FreeBSD's /sbin/gpart. vxvol growfs J: This command would grow the file system size of volume J to the full volume size. Find all posts by pupp #7 08-10-2009 Smiling Dragon Disorganised User Join Date: Nov 2007 Last Activity: 1 June 2016, 12:57 AM EDT Location: New Zealand Posts:

Yes, I'm sure. The new component does not contain parity information. The growfs command expands the file system, even while mounted. zPanel Alternative - bext controll panel available for free?

When a component is added to a RAID 5 volume, it becomes a concatenation to the device. You need to create a snapshot of your droplet and create a new one with the new size using the snapshot. Any Thoughts or idea's. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Post navigation Previous Previous post: Footsteps of springNext Next post: Are we going to say goodbye to Sun branded USP V/VM?

The file system will span the entire volume when the growfs command is complete. The growfs command will “write-lock” a mounted file system as it expands the file system. I think the "unable to find Media type" is not a problem. Config Setting for DNS Server Metadb in Solaris 11.1 Alert Notification in Ops Center 12c Unable to change the passwd Space issue NO.