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Failed To Convert Database Into Codeplug Image

Known bug: Export of zones with >16 zones may stop execution of programmer with an error message (bugfix under preparation).See history for details. You can even program an 800 MHz code plug into a low band radio, but the low band radio's VCO will never be able to lock. Boot logo There are several boot logos provided that you can choose from by editing patches/2.032/Makefile, and commenting/uncommenting as you see fit. Then install the programming cable. Source

Recovering from a Toolproof To properly backup a MTSX radio before attempting to hack it with lab perform the following: USE LAB SOFTWARE FOR BACKING UP THE RADIO! CPSProgrammer is designed to interact with the existing vendor-provided CPS software. It will even do this when the Scan Enable is set to ON and the radio operator has no control over the scan on / off function (i..e. One louder. hop over to this website

Then they make P2 and NP LIST operator select. However, you can clone a Type II code plug into a B3 radio and it will work just fine. There are also U501 chips for special purpose radios (i.e. YoReparo es la mayor comunidad sobre tecnología.

  1. A low band or 800 MHz mobile can use either a VHF or UHF VRS.
  2. the LED lets you know the scan is on regardless of how it was turned on).
  3. Jumper JU8 is only used in the dual radio drawer with a single control head setup.
  4. This is step 2 in the CPSProgrammer.
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The computer must also boot and run real DOS. Image editors like GIMP will discard the original comments, but you can replace them by opening the file in a text editor and copy-pasting the comment lines from the original extracted The System Interface Unit (SIU) box Hand Held Control Head (HHCH) dual radio setup also has its own unique RSS. Coding Reference for Channels How to generate a propper CSV File for channels At first start with downloading the required DMR channels from the internet: http://dmr.ham-digital.net/rptr_by_id.php for a worldwide list or

Munich-DMR-FM (Also used to specify the Roaminglist for PD785x) scanlistfm name FM Name of the Scanlist for FM in the pull down menue, e.g. Conventional RSS will NOT back up a radio like was previously thought! All of the other VRS parameters are RSS programmable. repeater input frequency) is missing.

There are examples of this in the Makefile as well. The current Motorola RSS list only has the HHCH dual radio RSS listed. Currently supported CPS software. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

The Motorola low band service manual has the tuning instructions. http://electronica.yoreparo.com/radiocomunicaciones/radio-pro-3150-no-se-deja-programar-t1239465.html The Syntor X 9000 has a unique scan feature. The special Dual Radio RSS programs have a feature not found in the other RSS programs. Read through the entire section before you do anything to try and correct the problem.

It seems that for whatever reason the site is trying to parse an image file into the database or something like that. this contact form When the codeplug is written to disk, the s-record is packed and converted to the archive file that is stored. If both are empty, no length checking is applied any more.And several PD785 improvements: - Export-Functions are back for Hyteras PD785 CPS. - Also several improvements to stabilize filling of Zones, There are special versions of the RSS that have special BAND / FREQUENCY RANGE selections.

Release the buttons on the radio. U2 is socketed and can be upgraded. It usually transmits an CTCSS-signal on FM to allow an RX to suppress DMR signals.Coding Reference for Scan- and Roaminglists To automatically generate and fill scanlists, a CSV with a specific http://arnoldtechweb.com/failed-to/failed-to-convert-the-peer-name-to-an-ip-address.html You can experiment and press the 'O' key to see this in action.

You may also skip mixed mode channels (delimiter, e.g. %FM, is defined in the ini-file). Windows Firmware Installation You can install any of these patched firmware files into your MD380 by using the respective .bin file with the Tytera Windows firmware upgrade tool, "upgrade.exe", available inside Are the guns on a fighter jet fixed or can they be aimed?

Please let me know the link, to be provided here.

You signed out in another tab or window. Set to 0, 1 .. 10 TXAdmit=Color Code Free Always / Color Code Free / Channel Idle TXAdmitFM=Always Allow Never Allow / Always Allow / Channel Free / CTCSS/CDCSS Locked / Start the Tytera "Upgrade.exe" program. First, a little info on the structure of the MTSX series codeplug.

That would be very helpful. After you select the BAND / FREQUENCY RANGE, any and all frequencies entered into the RSS will be permanently stuck in that frequency range. Backing Up Your Code Plug: If you have anything already programmed into the radio or control head that you want to preserve, use the RSS to read them and save whatever http://arnoldtechweb.com/failed-to/failed-to-convert-string-to-a-guid.html The Radio Interface Box (RIB) converts the RS-422 and busy line into commonly available RS-232 levels used by the programming computer that runs the RSS.

These can be upgraded by an authorized service center or dealer via a SmartRIB and appropriate software. The radio systems that operate two Syntor X 9000 radios from a single Hand Held Control Head requires a special RSS, special radio firmware and special hardware (such as the SIU). Finally export your table into a CSV file (named 'channels-05.csv' by default). The VHF Securenet box should only be programmed with and cabled to the VHF radio.

Standard VHF/UHF HHCH Securenet dual radio systems using the SIU must have the UHF radio connector plugged into the top position (RADIO 1) of the SIU and the VHF radio must For example: some people make each mode have itself as the P1 scan mode by making it RSS programmed (i.e. The Radio Reference Homepage - Archive - Privacy Statement - Top Powered by vBulletin Version 3.8.2Copyright ©2000 - 2017, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. A unique feature on this radio is that the display shows the frequency it is operating on, changing when the user transmits (assuming the transmit frequency is different from the receive).

Once you've made your changes, you can load the image back in by running md380-dfu write foo.img. Some of the remedies for the radio listed here are also useful for general troubleshooting and repair. You can reproduce the patched firmware with make clean dist after installing an arm-none-eabi cross compiler toolchain.