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Failed To Clone Disk Connection Timed Out

It’s easier than youthink! This causes delays to developers - more than 1 hour to get a failure, then they have to retry the build and hope it works. If you are lucky enough to have access to the storage you could check for activity there too. Comment 9 Shyam Mani [:fox2mike] 2011-10-09 22:18:29 PDT Tried this again (and this just for information, I'm still debugging) [shyam@boris tmphg]$ time hg clone -r 6e945f23126536783fce6ef618162f48b1491ea9 http://hg.mozilla.org/projects/build-system . have a peek here

Comment 13 Phil Ringnalda (:philor) 2011-10-10 10:22:17 PDT https://tbpl.mozilla.org/php/getParsedLog.php?id=6767229&tree=Mozilla-Beta linux-ix-slave17 2011-10-10 08:20:00 PDT command timed out: 3600 seconds without output, attempting to kill Comment 14 Dustin J. Poking further. Comment 48 Phil Ringnalda (:philor) 2011-10-19 17:32:04 PDT https://tbpl.mozilla.org/php/getParsedLog.php?id=6941142&tree=Mozilla-Inbound Comment 49 Chris Cooper [:coop] 2011-10-19 18:25:37 PDT (In reply to Ben Kero [:bkero] from comment #47) > I'm not sure what's These are the steps required, downtime should be under 1 minute, although plan for 20 minutes in case (heh) of complications: 1) Add varnish-release-3.0.0 RPM from varnish-software.com to the mozilla RPM

I don't know why it puts an error sometimes and not always. Comment 38 Armen Zambrano [:armenzg] (EDT/UTC-4) 2011-10-19 10:45:31 PDT Some release jobs that started 45 mins ago have failed but it is also the first time that 2-3 release jobs have In both case, the size backed up is the same, and the status is OK, so i don't understand.

  1. I'm noting this here so build can have a reference point if they notice issues starting around this time.
  2. If the copy is failing you could always attempt a LUN clone on the array or even a vmconverter attempt (bleh...) Nick http://pcli.me nicholasfarmer, Mar 14, 2014 nicholasfarmer, Mar 14,
  3. Step 2.
  4. Stoppping at 70%.
  5. lopoetve, Mar 20, 2014 lopoetve, Mar 20, 2014 #18 Mar 20, 2014 #19 Jerry_03 [H]Lite Messages: 92 Joined: Oct 12, 2009 lopoetve said: ↑ It's the virtual disks.
  6. I've given up getting this vm back working on esxi and instead will try to recover the files by extracting it from thin the image on my PC.
  7. I didnt realize at the time that vmware workstation and esxi use two different .vmdk formats.
  8. But if it's not the last, it seems to work without an issue.
  9. it says they're using a buslogic virtual scsi adapter, and it's switching it to a lsi logic for some reason.
  10. Maybe i should clone disk and change the disk used in the VM to use the new one ?

Comment 33 Amy Rich [:arr] [:arich] 2011-10-19 09:31:39 PDT As mentioned on irc, ops has been looking at this this morning since before Armen's report. Type 8DISKLIB-DSCPTR: Opened [0]: "HOME-MEDIA-SVR-s001.vmdk" (0xe)DISKLIB-LINK : Opened 'HOME-MEDIA-SVR.vmdk' (0xe): twoGbMaxExtentSparse, 3907033088 sectors / 1.8 TB.DISKLIB-CHAINESX : ChainESXOpenSubChain: numLinks = 1, numSubChains = 1DISKLIB-CHAINESX : ChainESXOpenSubChain:(0) fid = 80217, extentType = Starting in Varnish version 3.0, a do_stream function allows objects to be cached and sent to clients at the same time. Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions 4.

there will still be intermittent timeouts under load). Like Show 0 Likes (0) Actions 5. Step 1. my response I added the lines: if (req.url ~ "cmd=changegroupsubset") { return (pass); } Yesterday due to some developer responses of receiving cached data and old tips during some clones.

Comment 35 Ben Kero [:bkero] 2011-10-19 10:09:00 PDT I don't know of any relation or dependency of code between either of them, but maybe someone else cc'd on this bug does. im a newbie at esxi, so bear with me Jerry_03, Mar 20, 2014 Jerry_03, Mar 20, 2014 #17 Mar 20, 2014 #18 lopoetve Imhotep Messages: 28,336 Joined: Oct 11, 2001 Comment 18 Nick Thomas [:nthomas] (PTO until January 9) 2011-10-10 14:46:26 PDT There was one failure to clone that ran between 11:42 and 12:42 (w64-ix-slave11.build.m.o doing a jaegermonkey win64 build). A 403 Forbidden error means that you do not have permission to view the requested file or resource.

If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Daniel J. http://vmware717.rssing.com/chan-19398325/all_p712.html Comment 41 Amy Rich [:arr] [:arich] 2011-10-19 12:22:16 PDT Due to complications with the upgrade, we have completely backed out of the varnish upgrade and config changes and are now back Feed the goat. similarly with build network clones, philor.

grabbed the user name from the property labeled "__Legacy.Workflow.User" 3. navigate here If this port is firewalled on the network, recursive clone times out and fails.". Comment 61 Alice0775 White 2012-01-15 03:40:08 PST I can reproduce. No, for some reason it thinks it is converting from buslogic to lsi.

Mar 11, 2014 #1 Jerry_03 [H]Lite Messages: 92 Joined: Oct 12, 2009 Trying to clone a very large 2TB VMDK file via ssh on esxi 5.5 using vmkfstools command: vmkfstools -i Comment 8 Shyam Mani [:fox2mike] 2011-10-09 21:01:50 PDT Okay, so it seems like the servers aren't returning anything : send(3, "GET /projects/build-system?cmd=c"..., 272, 0) = 272 recv(3, real 4m25.905s Show 9 replies 1. Check This Out It’s easier than youthink!

Most of my clones today that were timing out were doing so reasonably quickly, i.e. <= 6 minutes, so I can see increasing these timeouts helping some. What is you leave it the same? Will we burn clones-in-progress?

Pour the virgin's blood on the server.

Comment 36 Ben Kero [:bkero] 2011-10-19 10:19:27 PDT I believe the load cause could have been due to a configuration change in the varnish caching daemon yesterday. Comment 2 Phil Ringnalda (:philor) 2011-10-09 16:17:44 PDT https://tbpl.mozilla.org/php/getParsedLog.php?id=6758612&tree=Build-System Error pulling changes into e:\builds\moz2_slave\bld-system-w64\build from http://hg.mozilla.org/projects/build-system; clobbering command: START command: hg clone -r 6e945f23126536783fce6ef618162f48b1491ea9 http://hg.mozilla.org/projects/build-system e:\\\\builds\\\\moz2_slave\\\\bld-system-w64\\\\build command: cwd: e:\builds\moz2_slave\bld-system-w64 command: output: García Fidalgo - 2015-04-07 But it did not raise any error when you took the snapshot and cloned manually. Type 8 DISKLIB-DSCPTR: Opened [0]: "HOME-MEDIA-SVR-s001.vmdk" (0xe) DISKLIB-LINK : Opened 'HOME-MEDIA-SVR.vmdk' (0xe): twoGbMaxExtentSparse, 3907033088 sectors / 1.8 TB.

Same error after that.   thanks 0 0 03/20/14--13:23: Re: Vcenter 5.5 upgrade to 5.5 Update 1 Contact us about this article I did the upgrade earlier this week and it Why do CDs and DVDs fill up from the centre outwards? Recent Posts Menu Log in or Sign up [H]ard|Forum Forums > Bits & Bytes > Virtualized Computing > For all our Overclockers!!!!! - - - - Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K this contact form Then we can close this bug out.

lopoetve, Mar 20, 2014 lopoetve, Mar 20, 2014 #12 Mar 20, 2014 #13 Jerry_03 [H]Lite Messages: 92 Joined: Oct 12, 2009 peanuthead said: ↑ Looks like you are changing the HD It looks like the badge just isn't calculating, even thought it is getting metrics (sparkline shows data). 0 0 03/20/14--13:06: Re: vSphere 5.5 Web Client on Linux not opening console Contact lopoetve said: ↑ That is very curious. Unfortunately we're not going to be able to test any solutions becuase we've just discovered that there aren't stacking modules on the Powerconnect M6220's that we're trying to talk LACP with. 

Jerry_03, Mar 20, 2014 Jerry_03, Mar 20, 2014 #10 Mar 20, 2014 #11 peanuthead [H]ardness Supreme Messages: 4,167 Joined: Feb 1, 2006 Looks like you are changing the HD adapter type. Once downloaded to your OS, rename the file, and re-upload to the new location using the same method as above, but upload, instead of download.