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If I stop WINS, start DNS Server, then attempt to start WINS, it will fail consistantly. TheEventId.Net for Splunk Add-onassumes thatSplunkis collecting information from Windows servers and workstation via the Splunk Universal Forwarder. This error is often caused by a problem with the NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) interface. 4189 - WINS_EVT_SND_QUERY_RSP_ERRThe Name Query Response could not be sent due to an error. If later you want to get records that did not replicate, you can either pull them using winscl.exe in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit, or delete all owners acquired only through this contact form

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© 2017 eXpertreplies All rights reserved | RSS Disclaimer: This website is not If you choose the second option, set the value ‘PortNo' (REG_DWORD) under the WinsParameters subkey in the registry to 1512. NOTE: Changing the port number this way will prevent this WINS from replicating or discovering other WINSs unless they too are directed to use the same port number as this WINS. Error Event Values 4165 - WINS_EVT_ABNORMAL_SHUTDOWNWINS has encountered an error that caused it to shut down.The exception code is the second DWORD of the data section.

Thank you for searching on this message; your search helps us identify those areas for which we need to provide more information. Correct the values, as needed. 4115 - WINS_EVT_CANT_GET_CC_MAX_RECS_AAT_VALWINS could not read the MaxRecsAtATime value (type DWORD) in the WinsParametersConsistencyCheck subkey of the registry. Brilliant event and well done KCU ◂ Friday Night football is here!!!! Their occupancy, accessibility and condition are often unknown; therefore they're best for the seasoned investment professional that may be looking for deeper discounts than a traditional bank owned property.Foreclosure SaleThese properties

Check to see if the record was deleted or updated. 4137 - WINS_EVT_NAME_MISMATCHA name mismatch was noticed while verifying the validity of old replicas. The entry has been marked as deleted in the in-memory table. 4133 - WINS_EVT_INF_REM_WINS_EXCAn error occurred while trying to inform a remote WINS to update the version number. 4134 - WINS_EVT_INF_REM_WINSThe Take the appropriate action to solve the error that prevented recovery. 4193 - WINS_EVT_CANT_CREATE_UDP_SOCKWINS could not create the notification socket. After a strong start on vault (15.000), Mustafina fell off uneven bars (cast handstand gone wrong) and balance beam (standing Arabian).

Restart WINS. 4170 - WINS_EVT_CANT_INITAn abnormal error occurred during the WINS initialization. Check to see if the permissions on the key are set properly, system resources are low, or the registry is having a problem. 4181 - WINS_EVT_CANT_OPEN_CC_KEYThe WINSParametersConsistencyCheck subkey could not be WARNING: NO 64-bit planned support for EISA boxes (R,D) 9. http://kb.monitorware.com/kbeventdb-detail-id-3314.html This could mean that the remote WINS was brought down and then up again but its version counter value was not set to its previous value before termination. 4138 - WINS_EVT_VERS_COUNTER_CHANGEDThe

The person with administrative rights on the computer forced the scavenging using winscl.exe. Modify the DependOnService registry value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DNS - add Wins to the existing list of services. It could be that the records being requested by a remote WINS server have either been released or do not exist. 4122 - WINS_EVT_GRP_LIMIT_REACHEDThe special group has reached its limit. To download Internet Explorer 7 in the language of your choice, please visit the Internet Explorer 7 worldwide page.

An example of Our approach Comments: Axel Olsen We worked around this issue by starting the Wins service before DNS (or stop DNS, start Wins and restart DNS). http://www.verycomputer.com/1_af11061424109db1_1.htm Everything was OK, until the server was rebooted. You can use the links in the Support area to determine whether any additional information might be available elsewhere. Use of the Web site signifies your agreement to our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

Bui had her highest score of the day on uneven bars, showing tremendous amplitude (Maloney-half; toe-on full to Gienger; Jaeger; Pak salto; Maloney to bail; high full-twisting double). weblink The replica was rejected. 4156 - WINS_EVT_RPC_NOT_INITWINS could not initialize the administrator interface because of a problem with the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service. DNS-->WINS or WINS-->DNS 4 post • Page:1 of 1 All times are UTC Board index Spam Report Our Products Main Page Applications .Net Framework Error AOL Browser Errors Installer Errors Internet On further investigation it would seem to be > caused by the DNS server.

  • Run winscl.exe to get the owner ID to address mapping. 4159 - WINS_EVT_REC_DELETEDThe administrator deleted a record with the name, %1. 4160 - WINS_EVT_DB_RESTOREDWINS could not start because of a database
  • You are better off creating the ConsistencyCheck subkey under WinsParameters.
  • This value was computed by WINS using an algorithm that tries to achieve a good balance between consistency of databases across the network of WINS servers and the performance of the
  • Iordache had her highest score, 15.533) on balance beam with a clean routine (ff tucked full; two-foot layout; RO ff triple twist).
  • Set this value if you have a large number of WINSs in your configuration and/or if you do not want the local WINS to go to any WINS that is not
  • If I stop the DNS server, I can start WINS.
  • Restart WINS. 4169 - WINS_EVT_WRK_ABNORMAL_SHUTDOWNA Worker thread is shutting down due to an error.
  • It doesnt fix the problem though so i'd still try and find a solution.
  • However, the same record then could not be found.

Quote:> Hi There, > I've installed both DNS Server and WINS server on one of our Win2k boxes. > Everything was OK, until the server was rebooted. > Then the WINS This error was encountered by a RPL thread. 4187 - WINS_EVT_CHLSND_REG_RSP_ERRThe Name Registration Response could not be sent due to an error. Opening Bid: TBDLive Auction: Jan 10, 10:00am This home is being sold on our new website, Ten-X Homes, our next generation real estate transaction platform for move-in ready homes.Financing is welcomed, http://arnoldtechweb.com/event-id/sharepoint-2010-event-id-1309-event-code-3005.html Your current web browser must be updated to version 7 of Internet Explorer (IE7) to take advantage of all of template's capabilities.

This could be because WINS was directed to do the consistency check only with replication partners and it currently does not have any pull replication partners. The number of records pulled, The address of the WINS whose records were pulled, and the address of the WINS from which these records were pulled are given in the second, this way will prevent this WINS from replicating/discovering other WINSs unless they too are directed to use the same port no.

For example: Vista Application Error 1001. home| search| account| evlog| eventreader| it admin tasks| tcp/ip ports| documents | contributors| about us Event ID/Source search Event ID: Event

The number of records Scavenged is given in the data section. 4145 - WINS_EVT_SCV_CLUTTERWINS revalidated old active replicas in the WINS database. 4146 - WINS_EVT_LOG_CLOSEWINS Performance Monitor Counters is closing the At the end of doing a consistency check for an owner's records, it checks to see if it has replicated more than the specified value in the current consistency check cycle. English: Request a translation of the event description in plain English. EventID.Net A more permanent way of making sure that Wins starts before DNS would be to make the Wins service a dependency of DNS.

I run both WINS and DNS on my W2K server with no problems. Brazil43.10042.05043.30044.00041.05041.900175.250 Lucas Bitencourt14.60013.80014.10014.45012.40014.250 Francisco Barretto14.20013.35014.70014.850 Arthur Mariano15.15014.05014.65013.95012.800 Arthur Zanetti13.35015.85014.900 International Gymnast magazine's coverage of DTB Cup competitors includes: "Canadian Promise" - Ellie Black chat (July/August 2014) "Canadian Diversity" - Black profile Restart WINS. 4167 - WINS_EVT_RPLPUSH_ABNORMAL_SHUTDOWNThe replication Push thread is shutting down due to an error. http://arnoldtechweb.com/event-id/event-id-219-event-source-microsoft-windows-kernel-pnp.html This means there are no active or tombstone records in the database.

Remote WINS may not be configured to replicate with the server. 4103 - WINS_EVT_NO_RECSThere are no records in the registry for the key. 4104 - WINS_EVT_NO_PULL_RECSThere are no pull records. 4105 Pictured: All-around medalists Jessica Lopez (Venezuela), Iordache and Kim Bui (Germany) Romania star Larisa Iordache won the women's all-around title at the DTB World Cup, held Saturday in Stuttgart. WINS may need to be restarted. 4171 - WINS_EVT_CANT_INIT_W_DBWINS could not properly set up the WINS database. When doing a consistency check, WINS replicates all records of an owner WINS by either going to that WINS or to a replication partner.

This value was computed by WINS using an algorithm that may use the maximum replication time interval specified. ISA DNS & DC DNS CONFLICT.... Private comment: Subscribers only. Check to see if the permissions on the key are set properly, system resources are low, or the registry is having a problem. 4178 - WINS_EVT_CANT_OPEN_PULL_KEYThe WINS Pull configuration key could

The number of records scavenged is given in the data section. 4144 - WINS_EVT_SCV_RPLTOMBWINS scavenged replica tombstones in the WINS database. This key should be there if you want WINS to do consistency checks on its database periodically. The Internet of today is not the Internet of five years ago. The version number of the remote WINS server is given in the data section. 4149 - WINS_EVT_WINSOCK_SEND_MSG_ERRWinsock Send could not send all the bytes.

read more... Should this be happening, and if so, how can I get WINS to start before DNS Thanks for your help Craig R Holmes Top DNS & WINS Conflicting